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2019-20 Adult Book Averages
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NameNational ID  Avg    GamesLeague
Cruz, Dimitri6745-554324296Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Martin, Geoff M2243-2732823633Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Lavery-Spahr, Anthony W6767-179423545Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Williams, David R2245-3923133Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Grange, Brian A2248-2623622963Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Boggs, Blake M15-17489822724Homeless (Wed)
Dunaway, Robert P2248-633322781Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Kessler, Joe M2243-887522769Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Lohse, Brian D2243-694922763Rising Stars (Thu)
Chapman, AJ771-56122639Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Lavery-Spahr, Sean D6767-179322636Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Cobb, Kevin W2243-323122472JB Trios (Tue)
Bumgarner, Jason M8019-3980422369Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Schroyer, Cole G8136-116122375Rising Stars (Thu)
Bolejack, Jonathan T2248-2311722224Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Lunamand, Robert W8072-1207722262Rising Stars (Thu)
Royal, Laney E, Jr8072-663022272Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Barron, Douglass L2245-361322175Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Henricks, Tommy J2245-640222184Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Shuffield, Jason P2248-2382122124Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Westdyk, Kevin M2226-336222164Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Branagan, Tyson P150-1462122060Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Bui, Justin C5938-166522069Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Cruz, Daniel, Sr2262-1016422078Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Ponikiewski, Gary A8031-4671322021Rising Stars (Thu)
Ray, Derek M6736-74222072Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Benard, Rick1560-200921966Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Hansen, Christopher M486-8155121969Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
McMicken, Rand H2245-203721957Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Simboli, Jason T5577-229321975Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Webb, Scott A8072-832721978Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Curtis, Ryan A2248-2225121842Rising Stars (Thu)
Ferraro, Fred2243-156321884Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Lindamood, Forrest W6736-25621845Homeless (Wed)
Nakagawa, Glen2243-1743821884Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Austin, Ryan8812-4491121721Rising Stars (Thu)
Ford, Rex A2243-774521769Homeless (Wed)
Hafner, Joseph W, Jr18-9488221739Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Houck, Lars8072-756721775Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Hughes, Phillip L11-19047721778Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Lanzi, Christopher O2245-74521772Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Lecroy, Joe C, Jr2243-365921739Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Shockley, Steven N2243-4275521784Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Culver, Jeffrey J2245-337721669Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Defoe, Timothy "Chance" C11-46860321639Rising Stars (Thu)
Markham, Walter (Mark)2248-283321666Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Montgomery, Josh R270-293121675Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Brewer, Mike L2248-2179721584Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Brewster, David R2243-572821539Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Hawkins, Brad8072-656721566Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Nack, Scot P2248-2070921578Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Rabby, David "DJ"2245-39221521Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Baker, Buddy2245-226021436Rising Stars (Thu)
Durbin, John L2245-27521439Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Fasel, Rich2245-540221469Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Fernandes, Scott2243-2291721469Rising Stars (Thu)
Houston, Willie R8072-1206421439Friends On Friday (Fri)
Lucas, Chris2248-657321445Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
McLean, Shaun D8072-1528421469Rising Stars (Thu)
Pryde, Andrew D8072-777921456Homeless (Wed)
Reynolds, Ronald D2245-2488214105JB Trios (Tue)
Richardson, Jim265-1213721475University Seniors (Mon)
Robb, Joseph A2243-2249621454Rising Stars (Thu)
Dewberry, Gerald8072-715321330Rising Stars (Thu)
Gonzalez, Richard2245-57321381Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Gresham, Randy W8072-825621372Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Phillips, Craig A, Sr8072-748821378Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Willis, Gregg R8072-1083521375Rising Stars (Thu)
Foster, Terry L8072-14902212102Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Keel, Larry A2243-303921272Rising Stars (Thu)
Melvin, Randy C8072-783921272Rising Stars (Thu)
Rodriguez, Robert369-2307221269Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Baker, Darrell W2245-145621157Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Capuro, Anthony J8072-906621136Friends On Friday (Fri)
Martinez, George D2243-421121199JB Trios (Tue)
McCormick, Patrick"Scott" S10-120032121199Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Parsons, Johnathan S8072-1070721175Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Truitt, Jacob W8072-1162321136300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Adkins, Larry H, Jr8072-14339210L65Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Arnold, Kelly D8072-663521075Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Bloodworth, Charles R8072-1490321084Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Crawford, Reggie B2245-469921072Rising Stars (Thu)
Cruz, Daniel, Jr6745-478121084Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Davidson, Todd D2243-1657521057Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Fellwock, Matt P2243-2212921078Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Gardner, Bruce A, Jr16-15661621033Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Holmes, Ronald L2243-285021067Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Lewis, Steven L2248-2580721069Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Little, John L, II8072-859521075Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Pender, Paul Y1956-16521054Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Pierce, John M2245-561421036Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Schundelmier, Richard D, Jr8072-1186221075Rising Stars (Thu)
Strickland, David B, Jr6736-103321057Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Woodmansee, Christopher S8072-1485721072JB Trios (Tue)
Brower, Michael J2243-2220220948Rising Stars (Thu)
Cline, David T2245-203320975Rising Stars (Thu)
Davis, Donald G, Jr2243-2960420978Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Paeltz, Steven "Alex" A8072-749420981Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Seyler, Joseph F5748-23520951Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Whitney, Ryan W2357-1294020939Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Jent, Brandon M5762-1634020872Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Sand, Skip A2243-2041820865Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Todar, Tommy E8072-1590820869Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Crossley, Richard G8072-1559020778Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Fulford, Kerry L8733-1419920751Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Heilman, Josh M8072-1132020772Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Kent, Clinton L2248-9371207102JB Trios (Tue)
Landry, Robert A2243-1479620766Rising Stars (Thu)
McInnis, Allan8072-1225820772Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Ogle, Michael D2245-253020768Rising Stars (Thu)
Reed, Ryan E6736-109320793Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Riley, Alan R1352-36120754Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Sloggett, Michael K8072-696220727Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Staggs, Mike R8072-998420763University Seniors (Mon)
Washburn, Scott A8072-1053820727Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Akins, Michael T8072-1280320627Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Bradford, Cynthia R6736-6520627Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Braun, Michael8072-650620666Homeless (Wed)
Leibee, Ken L9569-5558420666Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Merchant, Mark J8072-8801206102JB Trios (Tue)
Natividad, Emilio, Jr2243-530220669Rising Stars (Thu)
Reeves, Elizabeth G6736-5420663Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Reeves, Jason B8072-1311520672Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Tuazon, Phil C2243-2141220675Rising Stars (Thu)
Boyer, Kiefer P6789-68620590JB Trios (Tue)
Durbin, Keith R8072-1113720563Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Lohse, Keith L2243-694820560Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Mercer, Casey A2248-1730320581Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Osalbo, Justin G9005-2276120569Rising Stars (Thu)
Williams, Carlton K251-55920572Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Adkison, Cameron J6735-455720430Saturday Madness (Sat)
Cole, Travis L6736-33820478Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Estes, Payton11-52385020490JB Trios (Tue)
Rampone, Kimi L6739-17220469Rising Stars (Thu)
Bingaman, James P2245-63920369Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Blair, Scott M2245-3545203L75Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Caples, Russ W2262-1115820342Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
De La Cruz, Jesus8072-1186320363Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Ford, Randolph "Tony", Jr8713-428920375Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Givens, Preston C6735-1036420360Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Rittenour, Chris J8072-663120379Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Sanchez, Victor M11-19302320366Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Soper, Wes H2732-71820321Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Verrelli, Jeanette M3021-93820360Rising Stars (Thu)
Yan, Joe C2243-3986720371Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Brobst, Ricky D2243-2069020266Rising Stars (Thu)
Calvert, Butch D2243-1905120275Rising Stars (Thu)
Davenport, Travis J6736-115920233Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Gill, Robert K2245-573620266Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Herron, Paul R2243-4946020275Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Hicks, Christopher A2243-2500120260Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Huffman, Toby S8072-965420257Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Kaminski, David W2243-1748020260Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Lopez, Jose A11-46861320230Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Lynch, Mike2243-718820278Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
McDonald, Leeland J, Jr1335-3759820290JB Trios (Tue)
Odorico, Dante O6588-1103620275Homeless (Wed)
Payton, Yolanda J4889-978820260Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Champagne, Tim8072-1600920199JB Trios (Tue)
Ellis, Rich C2245-227420178Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Granvold, Bart A2196-783320181Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Green, Kevin A2245-21020121Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Hyder, Bryan K2243-348220166Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Johnson, Philip N6736-76020135Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Pappas, Brian R5900-1823720157Homeless (Wed)
Parham, Curtis L2248-2088120178Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Sexton, William J8072-1054120154Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Boulware, Christopher B8072-785020054Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Carruthers, Floyd E16-16683620075Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Castilleja, Raul L, Sr8072-788320051Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Flynn, Leroy A8072-1540220081Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Galloway, Robert S8031-3743520069Rising Stars (Thu)
Hall, Grace M6507-65820045Rising Stars (Thu)
Lawson, Ryan S8072-1057020080Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Noel, Cody J15-17490020072Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Sampica, Nicholas W8031-3680920078Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Spurgin, Chris G2243-2554420083Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Stillabower, Jack E8072-855620066Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Washer, Kevin T2243-3341820072Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Wiederrich, Steve W8072-965820066A League of Our Own (Fri)
Alonzo, Rene8072-674919963Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Brockette, Tracy L2245-462419951Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Girot, Geoffrey F8072-946419933Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Harding, Mark M8072-1143119972Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Humes, James G2245-65219981Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Packer, Athol W, Jr8072-1397819966Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Walker, Danielle E6739-177619963Rising Stars (Thu)
Bennett, Keith A1956-58319857Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Braun, Patrick T6736-99819872Homeless (Wed)
Cavitt, Cornelius L2248-3285719875Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Du, Hieu T2243-627919873Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Fritzler, Douglas J1104-33919827Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Fuentez, Alejandro8072-734519821Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Greetan, Bruce E5033-378719875Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Hoyle, Amber D8072-1637619887Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Johnson, Kenneth D1369-2011819845Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Leach, Pat R2243-2757019866Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Macy, Matthew W8072-1269919842Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Peterson, Michael P2245-462919866Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Towns, Kevin F8072-1591919851Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Wynns, Robert K8528-2267819842Rising Stars (Thu)
Crawford, Avery D568-634619768Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Cristee, Scott A2245-398619736Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Erwin, Bobby "Shane" S8072-1543519775Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Hudkins, Robert P8072-1331919733Friends On Friday (Fri)
Hunter, Joel A2245-579819772Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Ivy, Darrell2245-547419775Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Jackson, Danny K2245-227219760Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Kennedy, Robert I, III348-3982419724Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Nickelson, Lynnis C971-723519771Rising Stars (Thu)
Potter, Jeffrey R2248-99119763Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Reed, John L2245-50619787Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Schick, Aaron D2245-61219766Rising Stars (Thu)
Spoon, Billy G2245-638919769Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Charlton, Gregory W2243-615619669Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Conner, Kadin D7918-10919678Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Darling, Matt6736-63196L81TGIF (Fri)
Grimes, Glenn A8072-1222519669Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Heringes, Louis A222-2603819681University Seniors (Mon)
Jeffries, Don M8174-2195019672Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Maynard, John H2307-201719660Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
McNabb, Michael L8031-5448819666Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Sites, Matthew B8770-1017919672Rising Stars (Thu)
Turner, Thomas N2245-101519633Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Ary, John P8072-662019563Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Aucoin, Drew H1840-3274419569Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Beal, Bron L2245-74119551Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Brown, Edward N2248-300619575Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Day, Jerod C8072-818219530Practice (Tues) Spring
Guajardo, Chris18-8305419563Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Harmon, Clint A8072-1015619572Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Matzko, Kevin J6735-262819542Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Quezada, Joey M8072-943419578Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Salazar, Alfredo2243-4282919560Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Verrelli, David A369-1741019572Rising Stars (Thu)
Babcock, Chance R2243-4210219436Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Biggs, Bradley S8072-1267019469Homeless (Wed)
Braswell, Robert S8072-1359919472Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Claspell, Mike P1369-1369719469Rising Stars (Thu)
Elizondo, Mario A2243-1101219496The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Frazzetto, Stephen E2243-4271319438Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Garner, Richard E2245-320194R54TGIF (Fri)
Hill, Bruce K8072-1561619475Rising Stars (Thu)
Kurhan, Jeff H8072-1365219472Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Proby, Rickey Z, Jr8072-1551619460Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Rundlett, Phillip R2245-574019457Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Seabolt, Ken N2243-501119475Homeless (Wed)
Shaw, Ronald L2245-90219463Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Villarreal, Bob, Jr2248-1099919469VIP Seniors (Mon)
Watson, Timothy J219-245719460Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Whitson, Jake6735-1017119475Rising Stars (Thu)
Akers, Matthew A8072-7455193L75Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Benoit, Quincy K8584-5305619372Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Blassingill, Robert L2243-634219375Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Brooks, Brent A8624-2240019375Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Cagle, Donnie W2243-2523019390The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Castillo, Stacy4891-58219366Rising Stars (Thu)
Feldman, Evan J2245-102619372Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Lohse, Allison R19-8484619357Rising Stars (Thu)
Munley, Emmett F, III1559-53019372Homeless (Wed)
Robb, Heather D4893-1019419367Rising Stars (Thu)
Adkins, Pete L2243-3445219278JB Trios (Tue)
Anderson, George F2245-608819284Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Collins, Derek "Dirk" N8072-1422719234Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Conner, Rickey (Rick) D8072-1585219273Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Cruz, Denise R4904-767119290Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Dean, James L8072-1269619275Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Elshire, William L8072-1291819269Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Heilman, Terry L2250-8519278Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Hicks, Patricia J4891-35619251Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Makowski, Joseph R2245-368619257Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Moss, Ken L8072-893319224Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Murphree, Mike G8072-791419293Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Nack, Tim8072-829519272Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Stokes, William J2061-2841619277Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Timmons, Brett8072-1363119275Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Turner, Clinton "Pete"8072-1406619263The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Windsor, Benjamin C8072-679219269Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Brooks, Rodney R8072-1200119175Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Chavez, David H8584-5960519127Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Clark, Kenneth G8072-1460819145Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Collins, William M8072-1110219175Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Davidson, Keith A2245-70019169Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Fox, Brian C1577-411819172Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Fox, Eric J8072-1363919162Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Garrett, Gerrod D8072-1365119171Rising Stars (Thu)
Haley, Bret L2243-1303619178Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Howell, G. Kyle, Jr2245-595319191JB Trios (Tue)
Lawson, Joshua L8072-1547919184Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Mills, George R, Jr2243-7719185JB Trios (Tue)
Pavnica, Jonathan M8072-1531719148Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Reardanz, Michael J8072-1556819168Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Sagui, Wally S2245-151219130Saturday Madness (Sat)
Short, Jim D2245-295119169Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Simmons, Bryant E1034-23285119157Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Suiters, Lawrence E2248-1657619164Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Tooke, Toni N5169-1704919162Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Austin, Lyman W486-2774619069Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Bennett, Melvin "Ted" W, Jr8072-1078619078Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Benton, Demetheus D2243-4234919075Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Fasel, Michael C2245-540419072Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Humphries, William J8072-917319075Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Italia, Mike J8072-1524819033Friends On Friday (Fri)
Jefferson, Corey L8072-1571719051Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Johnson, Marcus A8072-1650519027Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Lax, Derron R2192-29719063Rising Stars (Thu)
Leonard, Terrance L500-2197119071Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Pryde, David R8072-772419069Homeless (Wed)
Richards, Tom8072-801119057Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Rippentrop, John K2243-3623619066Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Shin, Minsik8072-1431119060Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Slack, George H8072-1238019060Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Spoon, Kenny R2245-630119066Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Stafford, William "Buddy" A1-66519055Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Cox, Dennis C2245-11118978Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Farris, David R8072-1143018939Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Fisher, Billy W2245-52218975Rising Stars (Thu)
Flowers, Steve P8072-1388018969A League of Our Own (Fri)
Harrison, Greg10-196425118963300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Johnson, Timothy N8072-1120518975Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Kuykendall, David T8031-5577318933Homeless (Wed)
Lawless, Christopher E2357-1427818960Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
LeBaube, Robert A2245-355218975Homeless (Wed)
McGill, Richard D8072-1198718969Friday Fellowship (Fri)
McNabb, Amanda M4891-96218945University Ladies (Mon)
Cooper, J. Wayne2245-7818869Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cotton, Bruce D2243-2587118845Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Daniel, Bryan F6736-276618878Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Groves, Phillip G2245-391518875Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Medinis, Richard J11-75958818872Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Morris, Brett L2245-355618875Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Owens, Thomas D8072-1370918860Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Ragland, Lance M9-1013218821Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Roberts, Forrest R2245-49518869Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Stites, Chris L2245-44418845Friday Fellowship (Fri)
West, Levon2243-796818878Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Ayers, Roger B8072-1268018781University Seniors (Mon)
Braun, Andrew M8072-1483918775Homeless (Wed)
Buschbacher, David A8031-4658018775Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Dear, Gary L2245-82118766Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Goocher, Clint J8072-1112518736Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Granteer, Ron W2245-17818778JB Trios (Tue)
Hampton, Randy W2245-167618766Rising Stars (Thu)
Han, Tommy D8072-1440518778Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Kawanishi, Kevin H8072-1397218736Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Leary, Nathan S1587-6918775Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Martin, Jay R2243-4946118775Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Noah, Glen L1840-456818778Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Petty, David W8072-1542818781University Seniors (Mon)
Pizzolato, John2245-467818760Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Schmidt, Patrick J8072-778818766Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Walker, Natalie A6736-109618742Homeless (Wed)
Carpenter, Darin M8072-1349218667Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Chapman, Ronald W8072-948918663Wednesday Follies (Wed)
DeBord, Sabina K4891-218666Rising Stars (Thu)
Dreessen, Carl F2706-122018672Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Espitia, Juan M1738-972918630Rising Stars (Thu)
Frederick, D C2243-165718643Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Harris, Hunter J8072-1608118672Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Kooiman, Brian L2245-561218660Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Lewis, Adeyinka8072-1546918675Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Newboles, Larry R8072-916318630Saturday Madness (Sat)
Paeltz, Victoria B8072-1213218678Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Rowland, Mark A356-374318674Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Shin, Kyusik2243-213418642Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Chambers, Jeremy A6735-223118548Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Collins, Darin E8072-9875185L72Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Ellis, John2245-227318557Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Myron, Shawn8072-1561718527Rising Stars (Thu)
Olive, Corey N2243-2089018551Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Riddle, Micah G8072-1639218575Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Studamire, Frederica W8072-704218536Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Thomas, David J8072-1142618563Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Belew, Darrell D8072-1164318436Friends On Friday (Fri)
Brocato, Samuel "Adam" A8072-895818451Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Castner, Colt8072-666418457Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Cooksey, James M8072-932618475Homeless (Wed)
Dallman, Alex N8072-1610918451Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Galvan, Frank C1560-3672418472Rising Stars (Thu)
Hartman, Jeffrey L8072-737018472Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Hughston, Philip J8072-770318472Rising Stars (Thu)
Lawson, Ron2245-229218475Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Malkowski, Jeffrey T2243-932018424The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Martin, Derek S8072-1565218427Homeless (Wed)
Millican, Keith18-427218472Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Preston, Shawn A2245-576418421Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Richard, Derrick L1619-1364018445Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Saunders, Chrisopher A6736-14918466Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Southerland, Curtis L2248-2184318487The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Vild, Donald F10-120307418478VIP Seniors (Mon)
Baker, Will8072-1585518378Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Chambers, Rick D2243-54818378Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Crittenden, Jenna M8072-1273618360Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Grant, Erick B8072-1071918366Rising Stars (Thu)
Guinta, Daniel J1663-2368018356Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Kennedy, Douglas W8072-1049718330Practice (Tues) Spring
Kik, Michael8072-1323818375Homeless (Wed)
Modin, John L8072-1481818366Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Robinson, Raymond D8072-1343418370Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Roig, Clinton S2243-4769218321Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Street, Richard R2243-72818375Homeless (Wed)
Benson, Tim L8072-1395818272Homeless (Wed)
Chisum, Dan R8031-5585718266Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Craddock, James "Dave"2245-2818268Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Grant, Jerry W8072-1072118248Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Leonelli, Steve R8072-1635818272Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Maxwell, Wayne2245-115518224Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Mendoza, Abigail R8072-1603918248Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Milburn, Joe8072-1507818278Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Millar, Mark C2245-309018299JB Trios (Tue)
Millican, Brandon K18-251018267Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Mills, Keith A1031-133718263Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Riddle, Bill E8072-1639518275Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Rogers, Eddie1930-37418272Homeless (Wed)
Shearer, Mike E2243-938918272Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Villarreal, Frank2245-3818284University Seniors (Mon)
Williams, Adam C8072-1590318278Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Berutti, Anthony "Tony" J, Jr8072-1272618172Rising Stars (Thu)
Custer, Paul8031-5588818172Rising Stars (Thu)
Dambakly, Tony2243-3272618166Rising Stars (Thu)
Hopp, Allan A8072-1042918169Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Im, Benjamin H8072-1553218175JB Trios (Tue)
King, Harrison J11-37002418154Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Lane, Rick G2245-804181R93TGIF (Fri)
Laurita, Kimberly A8072-1443518124Rising Stars (Thu)
Martinez, Roger8072-16460181L63Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Moore, Wayne T2245-202718175Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Parker, Bruce W2243-4163318199The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Payton, Joseph "Joey" C2245-456418124Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Reed, Jared A8072-14719181L69Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Schmit, Randy8072-1312018148Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Smith, Rita K4893-1086418145Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Whitaker, Billy G, II8072-1633418130Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Barksdale, Doyle2245-499818075Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Bridgman, Larissa M4891-175418027Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Clampitt, John "Ted"2245-466218051Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Elliott, Keith E2243-330318075Homeless (Wed)
Gibbs, Richard H8072-1633118027Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Hampton, Derrek I8072-1422218069Rising Stars (Thu)
Herrera, Glen8072-1638118066Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Hood, Don R2245-13018074Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Hurdle, Earnest L1635-615318069Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Linn, Timothy E9299-1245918045Practice (Tues) Fall
Mitcheson, Jack2243-1648818066Homeless (Wed)
Rampone, Cristian A6735-838618072Rising Stars (Thu)
Schick, Stacy L4889-760118063Rising Stars (Thu)
Simmons, Anthony D, Sr8031-4388618085Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Wallace, Andrew R8072-737218066Rising Stars (Thu)
Wright, Kenneth T423-1537018069Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Boone, Barry M2243-4236517966Rising Stars (Thu)
Caudle, Chris D2245-40317972Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Goodson, Lisa4564-9717957Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Hampton, Bryce T8072-1381317975Rising Stars (Thu)
Hewlen, Terry L8072-1653117924Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Kendall, James "Jim"8072-1545517972VIP Seniors (Mon)
Miller, Meldon "Carl" C8072-676817975Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Murray, Bob8072-1082917966Rising Stars (Thu)
Schwartz, Gary A2245-412517962Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Stites, Dana L4889-7600179L63Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Westdyk, Renee R4891-58117948Rising Stars (Thu)
Bagnell, Bryan T2248-234317866Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cobb, Steve W8072-1042817860Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Cox, Susan L4893-1086617854Homeless (Wed)
Dalton, Linda D4947-27217875Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Ferguson, Steven C2245-383817872Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Horowitz, Cindy E4692-88117821Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Kious, Mark A2245-589317857A League of Our Own (Fri)
Mack, Shawn L8072-1073317872Rising Stars (Thu)
Martin, James C8072-1196317872Homeless (Wed)
Meyer, John P2243-4836917872Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Montgomery, Will17-10064717875Rising Stars (Thu)
Norris, Marcus8072-1088917887The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Roso, Anthony R2243-3396117827Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Shurden, Herman W2245-189217875VIP Seniors (Mon)
Stovall, Jude T2226-1288517875A League of Our Own (Fri)
Ungemach, Dave P8072-944317827Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Wernert, Richard J8072-728317878Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Whitley, Christian L8072-1634917884Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Bowerman, Tim L8072-1641617772Rising Stars (Thu)
Cain, Martin E8072-914917751Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Charlton, Jared E2243-4885617736JB Trios (Tue)
Garrison, Earl A2245-562417757Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Larsen, James A2248-17843177R96TGIF (Fri)
Lopez, Louis H11-77806417755Homeless (Wed)
Lutes, Jason K8072-1389117778Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Morata, Zachary19-375417763Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Ratcliff, Brian E8072-1387117763Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Rutherford, Kaleb K8072-1381017772Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Schon, Leon L2245-56817790Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Scruggs, Robert C8072-645617748Practice (Tues) Fall
Stroud, Glenn, Jr8072-655617769Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Thomas, Wes W8072-807817780Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Wheeler, Erik S8072-1494817766Rising Stars (Thu)
Willingham, M (Kenneth) K8072-1091917778A League of Our Own (Fri)
Babcock, Greg P8072-766417633Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Benz, Sharlet M8072-1293917660Rising Stars (Thu)
Boudreau, Ricky11-76238317699JB Trios (Tue)
Curtis, Anthony W1034-17946217678Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
DeSatterlee, Nelson J2243-166917672Rising Stars (Thu)
Dreessen, Darla J5415-1678617669Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Gray, Greg2243-2212417648Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Harwell, Brandon M11-36251917645Monday Doubles (Mon)
Hill, Jerry T8072-747317672Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Jones, Zechariah L8072-1652817648JB Trios (Tue)
Kirby, Tim R8072-1487217672Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Lee, Donna J4889-828417666Rising Stars (Thu)
Patrick, Raymond2243-385717675Homeless (Wed)
Phillips, Keevy J8072-1296417645Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Russell, Robert D2248-2928717675Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Tate, Bradley R2248-130017634Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Vega, Carlos A8072-1595017636Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Webb, David G8072-1380317671Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Bolejack, Joseph D8072-1323217541JB Trios (Tue)
Chbani, Sami L2243-4766917536Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Coburn, Tom C2061-1687517572Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
DeHart, William S8072-893417563Rising Stars (Thu)
Edwards, Steve A8072-1335817563Homeless (Wed)
Hastings, Dennis W8072-1123717557Rising Stars (Thu)
Haynes, Joseph R2245-58817536Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Preston, Rodney S2245-550717572Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Reed, Darla L4891-79317533Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Reyna, Nicholas C8072-1546117566Homeless (Wed)
Richardson, Angie A4891-82117566Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Seibert, Ralph W2246-585017575Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Seidel, Greg8072-1599217560Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Sherrane, Richard D8072-1164917521Practice (Tues) Spring
Smithers, Donald B2245-573917542Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Studamire, Michael T8072-711917563Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Bayley, Stuart L19-563817463Homeless (Wed)
Behning, Michael D8072-1594517463Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cline, Jeremy A8072-986117460Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Cooper, Matthew W8072-793417469Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Darby, Ace2245-283417472Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Duenzl, James L2243-1965317474Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Emmel, Joseph M8072-1021717430Saturday Madness (Sat)
Fairfield, Michael A8072-1458617467Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Grunor, Eric M8072-1635017484Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Huggins, Andrew D, II2245-566717469Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
McLain, Lynelle M4891-202917430Rising Stars (Thu)
Olson, William D8072-1585417433Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Ritter, Marten "Randy" R2245-45417478The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Rodriguez, Lou A8072-1570617431Saturday Madness (Sat)
Self, Michael W175-117417463A League of Our Own (Fri)
Westdyk, Richard2245-356117469Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Williams, John B9134-1319017472Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Barron, Deborah L4891-62317366Rising Stars (Thu)
Clayton, Harold G2243-4580317339Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Coleman, David A8072-1004217375Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Cooper, William J8072-1597817357Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Fisher, Brandy A8072-1026417387Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Frazier, Josh8072-1601717330Saturday Madness (Sat)
Hill, Duane D8072-747617369A League of Our Own (Fri)
Hudson, Peter G8072-823517363Homeless (Wed)
Kiesling, Kevin D8072-1190717396The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Kimble, Kevin D8072-1457217393Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Livingston, David E2245-110817372Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Long, John M8072-1425717375Homeless (Wed)
Massey, Jeffrey W8072-860817354Rising Stars (Thu)
Reyna, Ricky8072-1458817375Homeless (Wed)
Royal, Courtney D8072-1559417372Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Sagui, Xavier "Jerry" A4889-1976717333Saturday Madness (Sat)
Adams, Lawrence N2245-562517269Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Bradley, Charles "Keith"8072-799517251Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Brown, Harvey T8072-1193217262Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Camp, Nathaniel L8072-733117272Homeless (Wed)
Cox, Danny R8072-986417245Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Doverspike, Randy C8072-1618317248Practice (Tues) Fall
Gray, Bob J2243-105417251VIP Seniors (Mon)
Higgins, Scott8539-98717263Wednesday Follies (Wed)
High, Tammy L8072-1292217269Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Jacobs, Dan H8072-1598317221Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Johnstone, Robert P8072-1592017266Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Jordan, Calvin, Jr8072-1596717263Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Landry, Lillian M8072-1390617272Homeless (Wed)
Luna, Albert J8072-1513817257Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Mullins, Douglas C8072-1580217263Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Parker, James E, II2245-638217272Rising Stars (Thu)
Patcharapinyopong, Thanasan "Woody"8072-1569817278Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Reeder, Richard W2243-4110917248Rising Stars (Thu)
Ricker, Clay J8072-1503517269Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Russell, Kraig T8072-1303417257Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Scott, Gerald W963-48317284University Seniors (Mon)
Seligmann, Amy L4891-58517224Rising Stars (Thu)
Strongren, Sherri R4891-31317275Homeless (Wed)
Terry, Rachel A8072-1009217271University Ladies (Mon)
Weir, Chris R8072-1490717244Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Weymier, Rick E2248-3485417260Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
White, Walter"Danny" D8072-1078317233Saturday Madness (Sat)
Armstrong, Jeff8072-1550717199The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Bluford, Kody R8031-4142617127Practice (Tues) Fall
Burnett, Darrell W, II19-6750917127Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Crossley, John V8072-1559117178Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Davis, Michael P8072-1396217169Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Dooley, Chase J8072-1598117172Homeless (Wed)
Dotterer, Bruce H2245-23517160Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Garcia, Lucio, Jr8072-1238817157Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Goodwin, Tom J8072-1510717175Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Harding, Michael B6736-102317160Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Hawkins, Joshua D8072-1558317178Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Hightower, Timothy D8963-1581171R75TGIF (Fri)
Hooper, Floyd, Jr1034-33262217133Saturday Madness (Sat)
McCool, Anthony "AJ" J8072-952917178A League of Our Own (Fri)
Osborne, Terry G2248-2902117169Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Pattison, Jon A8072-1202317170Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Potter, Edwena R8072-777017157Rising Stars (Thu)
Smith, Jay (John) W8072-1036217172Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Tolson, Michael P8072-953617145Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Vargas, Larry R8072-1197917130Saturday Madness (Sat)
Willets, Ronnie4692-4417159University Ladies (Mon)
Wolff, Bryan J8072-1458917178Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Barentine, Kevin E8072-1267517063Homeless (Wed)
Burick, Elaine R1577-1029117069Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Collins, John A2245-323717066Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Doverspike, Rachael N8072-1619317027Practice (Tues) Spring
Dozier, Jerry W8072-919917093Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Fasel, Rickey H2245-540517077Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Gentry, Gregory J2245-555617057Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Hall, Mark A8072-1595317075Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Henderson, Charlie W8732-452017084JB Trios (Tue)
Hubbard, Frederick A6507-1132917060Rising Stars (Thu)
Simpson, Larry D, Jr18-10220317060Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Tiller, Kimberly L4891-189317071Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Timmons, Jesse L2245-58717069Rising Stars (Thu)
Tullos, Larry G8072-1424917075Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Allo, Scott A8072-1302716969Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Arenas, Daniel8072-1213416966Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Cagle, Joe W8072-1610516984The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Culver, Tammy J4891-41516951Rising Stars (Thu)
Gutierrez, Timothy H8031-5760116933
Maddux, Jack S, III11-37390916981Tuesday Money League (Tue)
McClelland, Dennis P8072-920016996Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Price, Bryan E8072-839816975Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Pywowarczuk, Robert8219-8240416945300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Saunders, Eric V8072-1462016975Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Seelye, Dustin E8072-1627416939Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Sloggett, Christopher R8072-699416927Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Stovall, Dawn M8624-2647516966A League of Our Own (Fri)
Stowell, William W8072-1330316951Homeless (Wed)
Subunnanone, Mark J2248-2248916978Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Timmons, Kathy L4891-63416975Rising Stars (Thu)
Tovar, Oscar "Adrian" A8072-1650416948Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Tschoepe, Calvin L8072-1262616969Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Wernert, Richard C8072-728116972Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Wilson, Benjamin W8072-1579316963Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Anderson, Devin B8072-1397616851Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Carney, Deena V8072-1276716856Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Cristee, Nathaniel S11-63413816830Saturday Madness (Sat)
Down, Jennifer A8072-1452416860Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Ellison, Lynell2243-4129416863Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Fee, James E8072-1004416845Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Fellwock, Shannon D4889-158416845Homeless (Wed)
Kahrs, Lizzy A11-63634516884Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Kelly, Michael A8072-1388316875VIP Seniors (Mon)
Nelson, Larry8072-1606616878VIP Seniors (Mon)
Octetree, Corey A9362-2539516857Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Parson, Audie J2245-235216878Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Rubio, Juan8072-1464216878Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Santostefano, Fint M500-1332016863Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Shaw, Cory A8072-1020116839Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Wallace, Colt R2243-3862416875Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Bradford, Evelyn M4891-716775University Ladies (Mon)
Clark, Daryl8072-1460316760Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Gibson, David L8072-1122216796Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Hewlen, Philip L8072-1653916727Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Larabee, James R9569-5283516769VIP Seniors (Mon)
Linn, Debra S2848-90116730Practice (Tues) Spring
Martin, Larry D2243-4513116763Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Retzlaff, Elisa L8072-919116754Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Van De Linde, Sam A8072-1616716760Rising Stars (Thu)
Foster, Howard D2245-160166R90TGIF (Fri)
Fox, Curtis E8072-1471016672VIP Seniors (Mon)
Irwin, Billy2243-3460216696The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Kolanko, Ted J2204-2031716666Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Kovalchik, Michael J8072-1423516672Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Kutzler, Jack H522-40516675VIP Seniors (Mon)
Kutzler, Laura M5689-34816650Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Leggio, Lisa300-5669616653Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Luf, John C8601-899316678Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Parisi, Kevin M8072-1533016635Rising Stars (Thu)
Ponikiewski, Samantha H8031-5800116672Rising Stars (Thu)
Robb, Carolyn J4893-153816666Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Upchurch, Shane E8072-1506116699The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Beech, Terry G2245-14816527Rising Stars (Thu)
Bowie, Steven K8072-1642616575Rising Stars (Thu)
Braun, Tim8072-1643116566Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Camillo, Josh S19-378516545Practice (Tues) Fall
Caras, Ryan19-566916560Homeless (Wed)
Dudark, Thomas16-16054916575VIP Seniors (Mon)
Garcia, Ronnie M8072-1642816563Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Hatter, Tammy A4893-194516563Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Ivy, Kim4889-2927116569Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Lutes, Elizabeth M4889-1456416578Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Maples, Charles A, Jr8072-788816578Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Marks, Joel I8072-1171516578Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Olfers, Wesley P8072-1591816527Rising Stars (Thu)
Powell, Odis W2243-4410616521Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Washer, Deborah L4636-51716566Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Washington, Billy1663-1097716578Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Bailey, John T, Jr8072-1449916472Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Bigelow, Eddy P2245-6416475Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Cook, Ronnie L2245-14216466Rising Stars (Thu)
Dietrich, Daniel C8162-4236616448Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Garcia, Kahmilla D8072-1550216445JB Trios (Tue)
Golmon, Daniel K8072-976016445JB Trios (Tue)
Houts, Gloria A8072-1327616454Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Huntley, Brian R8072-1609416451Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Lomas, Efren2243-2491516466Homeless (Wed)
Mears, Patrick C8072-1643216451Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Mills, Alexander B11-73360416499JB Trios (Tue)
Mills, Sandy M8072-949016463Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Morgan, Audie D8072-1576716448Practice (Tues) Fall
Moscato, Sharon L8072-1248316463Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Pierce, Brian A2204-2701816475Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Rasbury, Joe E2243-1822216439Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Rivard, Michael P8072-1494616466Rising Stars (Thu)
Sprague, Jack8072-1014116466Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Vasilyuk, Yegor8293-5877816466Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Voerding, John E2245-461016473Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Boudreaux, Jean Ann8072-738716372Rising Stars (Thu)
Brandimarte, Paul8072-1161216372Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Calvert, Sue A8072-1082816342Rising Stars (Thu)
Douglas, Brett8072-1619416369Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Goncalves, Alexander H, Jr8599-6961316349Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Horton, Cassie4891-57316372Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Johnson, Billy D8072-1589916375Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Johnson, Franklin, II8072-1652916348JB Trios (Tue)
Karcher, Brandon8072-1525416336Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Lux, Robert D8072-905716371Rising Stars (Thu)
Monsanto, George8072-1558216359Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Romo, George P2245-369916333Saturday Madness (Sat)
Schlangen, Kevin8072-1635116372A League of Our Own (Fri)
Vezner, William F8072-1189416348Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Zangara, Joe M9009-1662216363Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Blassingill, Ricky E2243-4053916278Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Brown, Mat J8072-1629516227Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Chiantello, Dawn P5169-333616272Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Cooney, Keith2243-2131816257Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Flores, Luis M2245-448516233Saturday Madness (Sat)
Hatten, Reginald E8072-1555216254Rising Stars (Thu)
Hodgson, Donna W2813-116016224Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Kirchenbauer, Tony8072-1566016272Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Mangona, Bonnie M2245-595016229Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Powell, Gerri4889-2906516278Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Selke, Robert C8072-821916236Homeless (Wed)
Sides, David W8072-1116316230Friends On Friday (Fri)
Swafford, Ronald K8072-1592316227A League of Our Own (Fri)
Taylor, Alexander P8072-761816239Practice (Tues) Fall
Wynkoop, Donna C356-356116263Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Caudill, Andrew R8072-835716160Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cavazos, Hector H2248-75816153VIP Seniors (Mon)
Fisher, Scott8072-1549716127Saturday Madness (Sat)
Gates, Mark R8072-1553116169JB Trios (Tue)
Jones, Timothy8072-1478016163Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Keyes, Keith8072-15158161102Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Kim, Injae8072-1558716163Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Moore, Marc A8072-1601216130Saturday Madness (Sat)
Moore, Shawn E2243-3340516180The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
North, Greg P8072-1637216145Practice (Tues) Fall
Parson, Adam J8072-673416175Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Ramon, Ricky D2248-3327716166Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Rice, Christopher J2245-484616169Homeless (Wed)
Stevens, John19-282616130Practice (Tues) Spring
Thole, Suzanne4891-43916161Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
White, Leland R8072-845516155Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Workmon, Alliayah N11-8185716154Rising Stars (Thu)
Wren, Matt E8072-1599916166Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Yates, Jayme A11-13378216169Rising Stars (Thu)
Foster, Nelson8072-1172816096The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Gray, Kathy4891-120916051Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Harmon, Eric L8031-5501116075Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Hazel, William "Clegg" C8072-1552416063Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Holmes, Connie L4893-795616099The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Moores, Vicki J4891-36416021Homeless (Wed)
Neely, Dennis2245-515516066Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Pena, Demetrius V8072-922616069The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Reed, George E973-325716075Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Richards, Rob8072-1487316072Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Robbins, Pam A8072-10489160102That's How We Roll (Tues)
White, Ellen M4891-316039University Ladies (Mon)
Andreasen, Mike W8072-1047715971Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Bell, Phyllis A4893-797115939Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Bennett, Kristi R8072-1078715978Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Browning, Mike R2245-66815972300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Cagle, Brenda S4889-1932215987The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Campbell, Gail A4889-221115969University Ladies (Mon)
Cantrell, Stephen N2245-68515975Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Cooksey, George N8072-1579615969Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Cox, Blake D11-42305115972Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Garbacik, Tony E2245-31515996Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Garcia, JoAnn G4889-2593415948Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Lowder, Craig W8072-1574815930Practice (Tues) Spring
Melton, William " Chase" C2243-4814015927Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Montgomery, John E2245-8315972Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Nawrocki, Stephen19-442315957Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Sampson, Michael D2245-286115975Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Simonin, Kevin D8072-1626015942Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Stenzel, Al W8072-1651615927University Seniors (Mon)
Voirin, Kin R2245-37115972VIP Seniors (Mon)
Alexander, Michael W18-8813715860Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
DePiazza, Kevin C8072-1646615854Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Eddowes, Cheryl R4893-810415881Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Groves, Cathy4891-42415872Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Marx, Steve E2245-486115872Homeless (Wed)
Rivera, Jorge L2245-243415875Rising Stars (Thu)
Robertson, Judy2809-6315842Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Thomas, Kerry W2245-570915875Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Arnold, Renfred "Lamar"8072-1631315772Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Baranga, Alex8072-1628615750Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Barker, Lonnie "Ray" R8072-1528015775Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Knudsen, Robert M8072-1348115775Homeless (Wed)
Montemayor, Norman8072-1649415742Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Pepers, Adam W8072-1633215748Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Restino, Mark J8072-1591715769Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Romo, Seth A8072-1649115733Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Rush, Brian E8072-1082515775Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Schoonover, Keith F8072-1438615763Homeless (Wed)
Schwab, Jennifer L8072-1496115778Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Yarberry, David W8072-1587815796Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Bingham, Dusty W8072-1590215684Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Coolidge, Shirley M4891-147115672Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Dimitriadis, Steven L11-73611015645Monday Doubles (Mon)
Douglas, Dalton C8072-1619815621Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Elich, Steven J2248-500015654Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Ford, Susan A4891-190915666Weekend Warriors (Sat)
French, Cherie E2886-21115666Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Granvold, Wendy S4836-116815630Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Jolly, Jennifer A4891-60915675University Ladies (Mon)
Jurca, Kyle8072-1494715669Rising Stars (Thu)
Kelly, Dee Ann4891-46415672VIP Seniors (Mon)
Maddux, Dave8072-1588815654VIP Seniors (Mon)
Nesbitt, Luverne3227-922715633Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Perry, Michael T9569-5926515672Homeless (Wed)
Robb, Kimberly I8072-1350015621JB Trios (Tue)
Shinn, Nancy S8072-1179515669Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Villarreal, Connie4891-105915678Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Ashley, Andrea8072-1505115539Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Burns, James F8072-1604415578University Seniors (Mon)
Dreessen, Mary C8072-1068915562A League of Our Own (Fri)
Erbe, Russ8072-1620115554Rising Stars (Thu)
Foster, Margaret8072-1407315545Rising Stars (Thu)
Froschauer, Stacy J3215-702015575Homeless (Wed)
Keithley, Jimmie D8072-1612915578VIP Seniors (Mon)
Richards, Steven C8072-1357115521Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Rountree, Kenneth A8072-1626115524Saturday Madness (Sat)
Trebus, Christopher A8072-1571515562Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Villanueva, Lucia4891-77215570University Ladies (Mon)
Williams, Jeanette4889-567015542Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Yaxley, Corey J2245-371315587The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Adkins, Kimberly M8072-1433815467Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Barnes, David M9569-5497015460Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Crawford, Kaylin A6736-106715441Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Cristee, Michael A11-63413715436Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Crossley, John P8072-1602315475Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Dimas, Debbie J4914-215460Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Golden, Haley C8072-1580915475Rising Stars (Thu)
Hester, Martin157-4377315460Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
John, Richard E, II8072-1625415472Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Liske, Brian A2243-3196154L69Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Lord, Marcia L8072-891015472Homeless (Wed)
Martin, Amanda R8072-1621615454Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Meza, Anna R4889-2539915442Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Montez, Fabian L8072-1018115472Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Neely, Cyndi4891-164515468Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Reyes, Val8072-974915427Saturday Madness (Sat)
Schoultz, Bud8031-3574915478VIP Seniors (Mon)
Thompson, Dylan8072-1514515463Tuesday Money League (Tue)
White, Dianne M8072-10013154R87TGIF (Fri)
Witherell, Dale A8072-1567315475Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Case, Dan8072-1614315375Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Caudill, Barry2245-549315342Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Johnson, Alvin W2245-7315369Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Manuel, Yvonne S4889-286715377VIP Seniors (Mon)
Morrison, Betty L4895-11715373University Seniors (Mon)
Schoultz, Michael C8072-1518015360VIP Seniors (Mon)
Spencer, Hilary E8072-1014715365Rising Stars (Thu)
Spoon, Tammy E4891-202015372Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Vild, Madelina R4891-235715378VIP Seniors (Mon)
Blackmon, Hurley8072-1446615269VIP Seniors (Mon)
Bowie, Humphrey8072-1642315275Rising Stars (Thu)
Davis, Bob W2245-415015239Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Flanagan, William J6736-6815266Homeless (Wed)
Garza, Michael A8072-942415284Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Hall, James "Brian" B8072-1375215269Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Hazel, Scott8072-1648315230Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Hendrix, Becci L8072-781715248Practice (Tues) Fall
Hyde, Bruce W8072-1604215266Wednesday Follies (Wed)
LaBad, Merton F, Jr8072-1043015278VIP Seniors (Mon)
Leatherwood, Betty A4891-81915275Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Lewis, Glenna "Kathy" K8072-1368215239Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Rogers, Clint J11-50550115248Monday Doubles (Mon)
Stroud, JoAnn4889-1597315278VIP Seniors (Mon)
Turner, Bear8072-1599515242Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Allan, Jason8072-944215142Friends On Friday (Fri)
Bishop, Scott8072-1494515160Rising Stars (Thu)
Burchett, Lance G8072-1415515145Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Duthie, Barbara J4891-48915154Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Fairfield, Teresa C8072-1458715175Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Glasscock, Linda D4889-142715153Rising Stars (Thu)
Heater, Donald L8072-1445915169300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Henley, Wayne "Curtis" C, III8072-957015139Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Ingram, Edward, Jr8072-1463115151300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Kearns, Kenneth R8072-935215175Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Matthews, Cory C8072-1652715151JB Trios (Tue)
Pritchard, Crystal "Larae"4891-117615133Saturday Madness (Sat)
Roland, James M8072-1579115175Rising Stars (Thu)
Rust, Dakotah8072-1500915133A League of Our Own (Fri)
Sampica, Andrea N8072-1109815166Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Camp, Mary J4895-4315078University Seniors (Mon)
Doverspike, Justen R8072-1619215030Practice (Tues) Spring
Edmark, Gloria A4601-2184815039University Ladies (Mon)
Gartland, Pat8072-1586015039Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Hall, Michelle L8072-1375315075Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Harding, Barbara J8072-1349915063Rising Stars (Thu)
McDonald, Leeland J, III11-62839315093JB Trios (Tue)
McGill, Janet L4891-40715060Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Olive, Jennifer A8072-1410715066Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Thacker, Ryan W8072-16041150R90TGIF (Fri)
Tuck, Linda S4889-513815036Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Westphal, Clayton P11-67927615054Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Bailey, Rosa G4891-63514974VIP Seniors (Mon)
Boydston, John L8031-4300114933Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Braswell, Charlotte A4889-3078514966Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Broussard, Barbara8072-1197414959University Ladies (Mon)
Garcia-Jones, Frances15-420614960Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Greenstreet, Earl B8072-1388214972VIP Seniors (Mon)
Grubbs, Albert (Bill)8072-815314921Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Gutierrez, Dolores8031-5833714930
Henderson, Jimmy W8072-1325114939Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Hrncir, Glen2243-4537314975Rising Stars (Thu)
Hubbard, Nancy A4889-3023514930Friends On Friday (Fri)
Priore, Kathy M8072-1433614969Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Ritter, Tannya L2245-275114921The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Ross, Kerlene S8073-268914969University Seniors (Mon)
Schoultz, Lenora C8031-3574814975VIP Seniors (Mon)
Shaw, Linda P4891-96314930University Ladies (Mon)
Shea, Michael V2224-6314969VIP Seniors (Mon)
Staley, Kennan E8072-1633814969Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Wallace, Johnny M8072-1287214975VIP Seniors (Mon)
Wischnewsky, Kenneth J8072-1588614954VIP Seniors (Mon)
Zupancic, Jill O8072-810514956Rising Stars (Thu)
Bates, Dana L8072-1433714875Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Benko, Joseph C8072-1531814865Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Bowshier, Lee F8072-1263914866Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Brousseau, Nick R8072-1645414869Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Fox, Thi D8072-1471114872VIP Seniors (Mon)
Hadley, Paul8072-1648914866Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Lawyer, Norma8072-1452714866Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Maddux, Laurie11-37391014881Tuesday Money League (Tue)
McGee, Lonny J8072-1596914866Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Mullen, Jackie8072-1531914872Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Napier, Karen B4301-1267314866VIP Seniors (Mon)
Sainten, Eric A2245-223514866VIP Seniors (Mon)
Spradley, Roger L8072-1590714875Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Sudduth, Donald L8072-1624414875Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Thomas, Katherine A8072-1232914899That's How We Roll (Tues)
Wallace, Heather N8072-829214881Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Williams, Jamar E9569-5464114824Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Witherell, Scott A8072-1567014875Homeless (Wed)
Coleman, Alan J, Sr2245-580814768Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Crawford, Steve "Anthony" A8072-1253514727Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Fee, Ellen L4893-581114769Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Foster, Terri4891-144814769Rising Stars (Thu)
Griffin, Catherine M8072-1542414766Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Guido, Ernie N, Jr8072-710814742Monday Nite Men's (Mon)
Kang, Michung8072-1627814763Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Lewis, Stacey8072-1550614793The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Palmer, Titus W8031-5708814757Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Sparks, Jared W8072-1644614784Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Vita, Mary T4891-91814772VIP Seniors (Mon)
Bailey, Bret A8072-1142814662Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Frederick, Elizabeth J4893-121814672Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Hermes, Edna M4895-3914666Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Ishman, Chris A1708-777814648Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Kline, Kenneth O19-25814672VIP Seniors (Mon)
Mauldin, Thomas9569-5287914669Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Moore, Emma L8072-1179014672Rising Stars (Thu)
Shortell, Lynn M4891-11314672Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Tovar, Raul A2243-4393914642Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Van Fossan, Jan M8072-1265414669The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Van Houten, Marilyn S3345-379514678VIP Seniors (Mon)
West, Lori4889-2653614648Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
White, Carmen8072-1321314627Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Bleker, Julius P8072-1403414560Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Cook, Nannette (Nan)4889-3050114533Saturday Madness (Sat)
Crawford, Lee R8072-1545414575VIP Seniors (Mon)
Dudrick, David M8072-1421314578VIP Seniors (Mon)
Heringes, D'Ann2854-2305214578University Seniors (Mon)
Jackson, Wayland8072-1434214533
Jacobs, Marissa L8072-1554214570Homeless (Wed)
Parker, James T8072-815514569Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Patterson, Maren8072-1634414530Saturday Madness (Sat)
Rogers, David J8072-1271614545Monday Doubles (Mon)
Short, Rodger8072-1571914569Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Wachtler, Linda J4891-26014569Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Adolfo, Elizabeth "Tish" M8072-1499214475University Ladies (Mon)
Blagg, Mickie4891-51714475Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Brennan, Celinda D2984-67614463Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
De Los Santos, Emilio F, Jr8072-1530214466Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Easter, Janet M4891-1762144R72TGIF (Fri)
Focht, Denise L8072-1052614436Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Holtz, Markus H8072-1641014469Rising Stars (Thu)
Hoogerwerf, Leana2795-46714475VIP Seniors (Mon)
Johnson, James K2245-16214472Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Knudsen, Lucia A8072-1348014475Homeless (Wed)
Leckburg, Donna M8072-1600014472Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Martin, Anna J8072-1196414472Homeless (Wed)
Moss, Karlene8072-1000914466Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Purcell, Debbie8072-1457514499That's How We Roll (Tues)
Sayegh, Carmen M4892-96914471VIP Seniors (Mon)
Scott-Kretchmar, Kat M8072-1620014445JB Trios (Tue)
Sturdivant, Al8072-1588414463VIP Seniors (Mon)
Swartwood, Ryan19-282914448Practice (Tues) Fall
Tobin, Ruth A4891-114475University Ladies (Mon)
Winegardner, Jessica B8072-1477714459Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Youngman, Christine "Crickett" L8072-1458014493That's How We Roll (Tues)
Allan, Susan8072-922114342Friends On Friday (Fri)
Bock, Patricia D8072-1179814378VIP Seniors (Mon)
Galbraith, David B8072-1292314354Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Griffith, Amy L11-39461514324Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Harding, Erma I8072-1298214366Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Harper, Sandra K4889-1995914351Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Herrera, Ashley L8072-1632014357Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Keel, Brandy E4891-244514366Rising Stars (Thu)
Layne, Anthony "Tony" S8072-1325214372Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Lunamand, Kathleen K8072-1207614357Rising Stars (Thu)
Mercatante, Helen A3675-9706214372VIP Seniors (Mon)
Momberger, Thomas P8072-1028814382Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Sakurai, Mariko L8072-1585814324Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Sharpe, John C8072-1639614366Homeless (Wed)
Starnes, Susan B8072-1198914369Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Wilson, Rogie L2245-286914366Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Young, Donna J4891-177114372Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Browning, Sharon A8072-1544414275Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Cook, Janice J4891-14114260Rising Stars (Thu)
Ferguson, Valerie A8072-971214269Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Gresham, Katharina "Helen"8072-825714275Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Marr, Mary J8072-1319814263Homeless (Wed)
Mullins, Julie A8072-910314260University Ladies (Mon)
Novotny, Preston S8072-1645314253Homeless (Wed)
Sanders, Vanetta T4889-2047414221Homeless (Wed)
Schmidt, Julie A8072-14577142105That's How We Roll (Tues)
Tomlinson, Christie L8072-953414266Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Caris, Robert "Jeff"8072-1600714155JB Trios (Tue)
Devine, Hilda D4889-280514172University Ladies (Mon)
Ernest, Richard E8072-1543414178Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Garcia, Rafel, Jr8072-1591414166Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Janssen, Charles E8072-1403514163Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Kennedy, Kari M8072-1573814142Practice (Tues) Fall
LaCroix, Robert "Darroll"2245-50714175Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Low, Mary8072-1027814175Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Minor, Cleothus8072-1213814169VIP Seniors (Mon)
Moore, Brandy C4889-2164014160The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Morata, Nils B8072-1514614157Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Parker, Linda D8072-1277814151Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Pyles, Brittany A8072-1337914157Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Shires, Mary E8072-1391914180University Seniors (Mon)
Sweeney, Chris M8072-1568214127Practice (Tues) Spring
Vetula, Lon C8746-4914214133Homeless (Wed)
Wagoner, Troy8072-1579814160Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Bastian, Joanne8072-1470714078VIP Seniors (Mon)
Bell, Catherine A8072-1510514078Friday Fellowship (Fri)
De La Cruz, Lisa D8072-1555114063Rising Stars (Thu)
Futrell, Kay A4891-64014063Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Garcia, Andy A8072-1550414084The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Henderson, Michael G2243-4583414090JB Trios (Tue)
Johnson, Jeff J8072-939014075VIP Seniors (Mon)
Luf, Susan8072-1436614075Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
McCally, Cheryl E8072-751914021A League of Our Own (Fri)
Morris, Shirley M4891-237614063Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Paluch, Scott8072-1579914063Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Pattison, Terry8072-1218614070Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Peterman, Rick R8072-1573514054Homeless (Wed)
Roberts, Joyce E4891-66914047Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Smith, Sandra J8072-1134714066Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Waite, William D8072-1070114021Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Wroe, Debbie K4891-29014057Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Acuna, Michael R, Sr8072-1649713957Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Casey, Lynn L4891-53913975Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Doil, Jennifer4891-107113969Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Dowell-Simmons, Imani A8072-1617413957Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Dreessen, Nancy L5349-64413966Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Forrest, Ciera L8072-1640513990JB Trios (Tue)
Housewright, Walter R8072-949313951Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Hrncir, Shaun G8072-1642113969Rising Stars (Thu)
LaBarbera, Laura R8072-864113943Coffee Breakers (Wed)
McGee, Terri K8072-1596813966Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Rabby, Dawn4891-65313969Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Raney, Karen S4891-179713977Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Starnes, David R8072-1199013953Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Suttles, Jasmine S8072-1553313969Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Adams, Patricia A8072-1383213866Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Barry, Meg4891-5113863VIP Seniors (Mon)
Bell, John W8072-1323113878Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Chism, Luane4891-48313872Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
DaSilva, Sandro8072-1304913821Saturday Madness (Sat)
Edinger, Joyce A8072-1461213863Homeless (Wed)
Frizzell, Janna W4885-258613826Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Fuller, Ashley8072-1518913884That's How We Roll (Tues)
Fulton, Max8072-1627613860Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
James, Jesse L2245-545213869Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Kelly, Marjorie D4891-20413857Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
McCord, Jeff P8072-1629313854Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Pacheco, Zazil8072-1627513821That's How We Roll (Tues)
Perez, John19-609313848Homeless (Wed)
Aitken, Peggy L8072-1084713748Practice (Tues) Fall
Babcock, Bruce R2245-623313766VIP Seniors (Mon)
Boren, Carol A4891-198513745Rising Stars (Thu)
Canaday, Laura F4895-4413769Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Davidson, Beverly K4889-1551313778University Ladies (Mon)
Ergish, Terry8072-1621213739
Gilligan, Shawn M8072-1347213742Friends On Friday (Fri)
Haskamp, Melissa8072-1418913757The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Henderson, Martha J8072-1637513769Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Kappelman, Nathan A8072-16403137102JB Trios (Tue)
Kellum, Karen D4891-103313725Saturday Madness (Sat)
Mason, Dee4891-122313773Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Molter, Richard A8072-1537513784University Seniors (Mon)
Price, Julie D8072-839713772Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Smith, Martha J8072-1457913793That's How We Roll (Tues)
Smith, Stephen P8072-1639313775Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Young, Robert E2245-287213769Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Bauder, Gail E4891-67813672University Ladies (Mon)
Deeds, Johnny C8072-1468013678Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Henderson, Virginia A4891-175813672Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Kolbensvik, Jon T2243-4436813633Friday Fellowship (Fri)
McClure, Dale C184-144413623Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
O'Leary, Teri L8072-952613678A League of Our Own (Fri)
Pidaparthi, Vivekanand R8072-1641713651Rising Stars (Thu)
Ring, Madeleine8072-1305913656Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Salter, Ann M8072-1587013669Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Scott, Weida L4891-78713657Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Splawn, Clifford A8072-855713666Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Stein, Sheryl L8072-943313675Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Villarreal, Patricia A15-808213644VIP Seniors (Mon)
Warnock, Patricia A4889-211313657Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Beckmann, Warren E2243-2207313572Rising Stars (Thu)
Bennett, Edna E4891-513521Rising Stars (Thu)
Castro, Charlotte S8072-1624313530Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Chapman, Tina8072-1005513563Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Coin, Sharron A4891-83313536Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Domer, Cynthia K8072-1402313569Homeless (Wed)
Fleming, Craig M8072-1630013554Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Holt, Michele4889-3224113536Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Italia, Yolanda S8072-1524413533Friends On Friday (Fri)
McKenna, Kevin J2243-4580213569Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Ragborg, Karen M4891-48713574Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Roussel, Billy8072-1566713563Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Seibert, Akiko T4892-124613569Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Sprague, Suzy8072-1013913572VIP Seniors (Mon)
Warren, Tira M8072-971913557Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Behning, Angela D8072-1594013454Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cox, Betty A4891-31813467Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Doyle, Steve J8072-1519513471Rising Stars (Thu)
Goelz, Jayne B8072-1063013466Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Goodwin, Marisa R8072-1510613466Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Hodgkiss, Andrew T8031-5708713453Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Kanalis, John8072-646213466Rising Stars (Thu)
Martin, Lydia R8072-1279813463Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Travis, Arlene J8072-670313469Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Wallace, Joan F8072-1562413454VIP Seniors (Mon)
Bell, Kristen M8072-1365013372Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Easter, Jerry L2245-4439133R87TGIF (Fri)
Heinbaugh, Jan8072-1368513372Homeless (Wed)
Knobel, William R2245-622913366VIP Seniors (Mon)
Leeper, Jeffrey S8072-657213366Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Leonelli, Dori K8072-1635313363Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Monroe, Michelle C8072-1353113351A League of Our Own (Fri)
Ragborg, Robert J8072-778613372Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Russell, Cindy L8072-1537913369Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Vallance, Nita A4889-803813321VIP Seniors (Mon)
Walsh, Matthew E8072-974613328Saturday Madness (Sat)
Callahan, Pam R4891-54613272Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Crossley, Robin L8072-1656413251Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Dorn, James "Jim" E8072-1253713269Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Granvold, Rayna D8148-643613242Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Harwood, Norma F4904-3253313248Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Keyes, Raquel8072-1515913296Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Lehmann, Joyce8072-1620913236
Madison, Jason K2243-4547313266Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
McClurg, Joyce G4889-1056613272VIP Seniors (Mon)
Pizzolato, Marianne4891-164113266Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Reed, Gary8072-1607513275VIP Seniors (Mon)
Richards, Lisa C8072-1451713263Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Simmons, Georgia A8072-670713272Homeless (Wed)
Thomas, Barbara M8072-764013277VIP Seniors (Mon)
Vargas, Sherri A8072-1198013269Rising Stars (Thu)
White, Donna8688-4790713266VIP Seniors (Mon)
Wolff, Tara6736-103013278Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Acuna, Michael R, Jr8072-1650213147Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Branch, Doris E8072-1589813184University Seniors (Mon)
Chadd, Jann3005-108213169Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Corral, Debbie L8072-1499313175Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Fisher, Mary Kay4891-111513151Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Guziec, Nancy C4891-54213149Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Hamilton, Heather3022-1038213140University Ladies (Mon)
Saunders, Tammie D4891-236313169Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Stoker, Taylor8072-1624013196That's How We Roll (Tues)
Swearingim, Ruth M4930-14313175Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Weidel, Laura M4891-249113166Rising Stars (Thu)
Baker, Thomas M8072-1622713069Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Blagg, Gina L4891-153413054Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Bond, Relda M8072-1180413054Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Chatman, James, Jr8072-1378813066Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Downey, Paul S8072-1550313069The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Elshire, Johann L8072-840713069Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Focht, Randy8072-1052713039Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Gibson, Cathy A8072-908913093Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Griffin, Scott K2243-3637313045Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Harris, Brian H8072-1645813063Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Kline, Diana18-110513075VIP Seniors (Mon)
McAleer, CC8072-1513213051Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Riccio, Dawn M4889-2591313075Rising Stars (Thu)
Seabolt, Kay L8031-5456113074Homeless (Wed)
Stroud, Sheila A8072-1403313051Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Upchurch, Leea A8072-1506013096The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Anderson, Claudia C9569-5966912963Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Bailey, John T, Sr8072-1449812972Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Bonini, Ray8072-923312999The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Carruthers, Tiffany R16-16683712975Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Cordray, Gerald J, Jr2243-2971312975VIP Seniors (Mon)
Donner, Karen D8072-1111412978Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Dudley, Linda K8072-1482712963Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Holt, Michael H2248-2857912942Wednesday Follies (Wed)
McClelland, Joyce L8072-947212942Midweek Mixed (Wed)
McInis, Bobby11-67138212927Saturday Madness (Sat)
Moore, Marcelle H8072-707512972Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Pierce, Katherine C8072-1632612951Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Schwartz, Grace K4891-27712972Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Snider, Merlinna"Gail" G8072-1340812965Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Archer, Deanna R8072-1626712875Rising Stars (Thu)
Bowden, Bernard B391-866812872Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Bowerman, Marci8072-1647012833Rising Stars (Thu)
Harlow, Taylor A8072-1640912851Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Kiesling, Terri L4891-175012893The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
McNamara, Thomas A2262-4284312872VIP Seniors (Mon)
Myers, John J8072-778912863Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Romo, Peggy "Sue"4891-24312821Saturday Madness (Sat)
Taylor, Songa M8072-1181712866Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Boudreau, Geri11-76238412772Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Castorena, Michael8072-1614612793The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Caudill, Beth A4891-190512733Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Dalton, Jacqui S8072-726812774VIP Seniors (Mon)
Elliott, Faith8387-128212757VIP Seniors (Mon)
Gallagher, Michael S8072-1239612763Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Phillips, Lisa M8072-1415012772Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Strong, Alan R8072-1638512784The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Babcock, Rece R8072-1601912630Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Biggs, Tiffany8072-1465412648Homeless (Wed)
Byrd, Shirley A4889-362712654Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Cartier, Frederick "Ric"8072-758612678The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Dean, Nona L8072-1291912675Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Enslein, Michael S10-187974212669Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Keel, Colleen M4891-43112660Rising Stars (Thu)
Marcusse, Vicki L8828-4226912633Saturday Madness (Sat)
Martin, Marlene A8072-1609312681That's How We Roll (Tues)
Moberg, Cherie S8072-1539712661Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Pavlat, Kenneth A8072-1526012624Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Sexton, Kathy T8072-1053412663Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Towner, David A8072-1633312654Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Wallaert, Kathleen J8072-1553412648Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Bell, Lori M4889-2929012530Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Fleitman, Virginia A4895-8712569Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Fox, Stacy R8072-1383412554Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Fuentez, Regina A8072-766112542Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Ganzer, Linda N8072-1330112563Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Hamilton, Donald R8072-1355912578VIP Seniors (Mon)
Harlow, Debbie8072-15135125102That's How We Roll (Tues)
Lamel, Candace P4891-52612556Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Lemke, Treva L8072-1589512569Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Narans, Barbara A4891-249512521Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Patenode, Veronica K8031-6150812566Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Peterman, Karry L8072-1573612557Homeless (Wed)
Rhea, Ronda R8072-726412560Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Romaszewski, Mary8072-1621112575VIP Seniors (Mon)
Sieber, Jan4891-18412551Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Turner, Laurie8072-1406412593That's How We Roll (Tues)
Boston, Angela L8031-3551512421Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Dudark, Paula16-16054812423VIP Seniors (Mon)
Grant, Cynthia8072-820012476Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Humes, Teresa A4891-87212481Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Johnson, Austin M8072-1632312466Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Krueger, James F8072-975512427Saturday Madness (Sat)
Luft, Nikki N8072-895112472Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Miller, Jaime L6736-104212469Rising Stars (Thu)
Russell, Carla J8072-1205912469Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Smith, Ashlee K8072-1642512433Rising Stars (Thu)
Snider, DeWayne K8072-1340712478Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Stofer, Shayne J8072-1165112466Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Collins, Cindy4939-1056112363Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Freese, Bradley T8072-1343612340Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Marks, Gerri A8072-1171412378Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Riseman, Stephen A2243-3134312378Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Williams, Jan8072-1321212375Homeless (Wed)
Alonzo, Jennifer L8072-1270712242A League of Our Own (Fri)
Cooper, Kathryn E8072-1610612284The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Frantz, Sandy4889-2715412236Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Gilligan, Rene A8072-1386012290That's How We Roll (Tues)
Harrison, Earlene J4891-48012272Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Sayegh, Mouin N, Sr2246-103212275VIP Seniors (Mon)
Cooper, Julie R4889-2729012168Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Gipson, Sandra A4891-4112157Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Golden, John S8072-1580812160Rising Stars (Thu)
Harris, Tanya Y8072-945512145That's How We Roll (Tues)
Munn, Joseph L2254-125112172300 Wanna Be (Mon)
Nevarez, Tanya8072-1640612172JB Trios (Tue)
Reyes, Sam M8072-975012130Saturday Madness (Sat)
Schmit, Kelly18-6978912154Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Bowie, Marilyn G8072-1642412069Rising Stars (Thu)
Crisp, Brenda M8072-1639412072Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Dunegan, Troy E8072-1225412042Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Ellis, Lorna R4904-2602212021Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Hazel, Jean8072-1552212024University Seniors (Mon)
Kounalis, Tricia A8072-646312075Rising Stars (Thu)
Maschmeyer, Saundra K8072-1525612069VIP Seniors (Mon)
Roush, Scott8072-1622612072Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Stephens, Joyce Y8072-821212036Homeless (Wed)
Winn, Kelli8072-1608812093Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Freeman, Cindy D8072-1426511975Rising Stars (Thu)
Kovalchik, Brenda J8072-1423411941Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Lawler, Karin S4889-3250711933Saturday Madness (Sat)
Limmer, Marty A4891-20811960Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Mashaw, Patrick E8072-1634311927Saturday Madness (Sat)
Morrow, Bonnie8072-837711964Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Sexton, Paula8072-1079811954Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Tate, LeAnne8031-3730111996Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cates, Janis K4891-145211875VIP Seniors (Mon)
Clayton, Tara L4889-3016811863Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Girot, Stephanie P8072-946611839Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Meacham, Rodney8072-1651411824Rising Stars (Thu)
Moore, Wendy L8072-1601311833Saturday Madness (Sat)
Powers, Cynthia S4891-246611896That's How We Roll (Tues)
Rust, Julie M8072-1593211872A League of Our Own (Fri)
Sims, Laura8072-1646411823Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Woroniecki, Brenda J4891-117911869That's How We Roll (Tues)
Baird, Valerie8072-1584111796That's How We Roll (Tues)
Brandt, Keri J8072-1513411772That's How We Roll (Tues)
Coleman, Connie I8072-1634711766TGIF (Fri)
Matta, Rosantina8072-1347011742Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Mercer, Sandra G8072-1636011757Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Shurden, Marie E2245-378811763VIP Seniors (Mon)
Starzynski, Donald8072-1234511730Saturday Madness (Sat)
Thomas, Inez M8072-869711775VIP Seniors (Mon)
Blodgett, Lynette17-7429311666Homeless (Wed)
Higgins, Robin L8688-5087711666Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Huff, Kelly D8072-1645911663Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Kostrzewa, Helen M8072-1542211678University Seniors (Mon)
LaCour, Karrie J8072-701811638
McWilliams, James H8072-770011675VIP Seniors (Mon)
Rothe, Paul R8072-1604611657VIP Seniors (Mon)
Seligmann, Diane4891-58611673VIP Seniors (Mon)
Anderson, Kyle A8072-1637411572Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Barringer, Lynne S8072-1590111536Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Gilbreath, Jada8072-1565411567Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Hatcher, Bonnie8072-1638911597That's How We Roll (Tues)
Lopez, Marisela8072-1627211533Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Pruitt, Aaron J8072-1074611566Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Watts, Michelle (Shelly) D4889-1915411548Homeless (Wed)
Wood, Jeanna G8072-1084511560Homeless (Wed)
Young, Brianna D8072-1642711566Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Basse, Joyce B8072-1589011457Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Bock, Eugene H8072-1179911472VIP Seniors (Mon)
Crossley, Jennifer L8072-1558911421Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Currier, Jeff8072-1421211469VIP Seniors (Mon)
Edwards, B J8072-1636711469VIP Seniors (Mon)
Freeman, Gayle W8072-739711434Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Garcia, Rosalinda4904-2234911436University Seniors (Mon)
Mauldin, Frankie W9569-5288011474VIP Seniors (Mon)
Mercer, Dawn L8072-1022911481Sunday Sundowners (Sun)
Simmons, Jonathan8072-1634011426Saturday Madness (Sat)
Straub, Glenda D8072-1499011430Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Walsh, Jeannie S8072-974711424Saturday Madness (Sat)
Zachary, Tony8072-1626211469Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Lachcik, Kathy A8072-1218811372Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Lawler, Sandra L4889-3250811333Saturday Madness (Sat)
Gartland, Carolina8072-1585911236Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Hodan, Faith8072-1452611254Coffee Breakers (Wed)
McPhail, Chirs M8072-1652611227The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Rankin, Samantha N8072-1640811230JB Trios (Tue)
Thomas, Tamara S8072-1542511263Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Baker, Barbara8072-16225111102Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Benson, Reece J8072-1553711166Homeless (Wed)
Keele, Chris8072-1634111124Saturday Madness (Sat)
Lamm, Nancy B8072-1608711148Monday Mixed Madness (Mon)
Morrow, Glen8072-1621011178VIP Seniors (Mon)
O'Dea, Matt C8072-1599111163Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Payton, Wayne A9569-6012011163Tuesday Money League (Tue)
Turnbow, Barbara A8072-1634811169University Seniors (Mon)
Hrncir, Carolyn J8072-1642011075Rising Stars (Thu)
Manns, Monette M8072-1513311069That's How We Roll (Tues)
Newell, Geneva A8072-1597111090That's How We Roll (Tues)
Roush, Debbie L8072-1622911031Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Cano, Liz8072-1638710999That's How We Roll (Tues)
Williams, Shirl A2886-4249510960Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Cummings, Vanessa L8072-1240510863Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Dudrick, Alice8072-1355510861VIP Seniors (Mon)
Gates, Kathleen M18-8764010851Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Cobbs, Christine T8072-1638810763That's How We Roll (Tues)
Sorenson, Jane8072-1636810775VIP Seniors (Mon)
Carroll, Marian E8072-1624510669Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Cooper, Trinity D8072-1620410639Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Morrow, Anita J8072-1575610678VIP Seniors (Mon)
Emmel, Anna M8072-1034510533Saturday Madness (Sat)
Pollard, Karen8072-1583810590That's How We Roll (Tues)
Strickland, Miranda L8072-1472510575Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Doyle, Lori A8072-1575010468Rising Stars (Thu)
Moran, Joan P4891-136710448Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Ortega, Carolina18-9663810484JB Trios (Tue)
Raney, Michelle8072-1588310464VIP Seniors (Mon)
Salata, Alice G4891-110610453Lewisville Mixed (Tue)
Waite, Amy M8072-1074910421Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Wood, Sandy L8072-1499110475Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Hill, Sandy E8072-1641910369Rising Stars (Thu)
Reed, Jan18-9228910375VIP Seniors (Mon)
Horton, Deborah W18-9389010230
Marks, Rhett W8072-1656810221JB Trios (Tue)
Venable, Amy B8072-1623410272A League of Our Own (Fri)
Dowell-Simmons, Portia N8072-1617110163Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Griggs, Kimberly8072-1347710129Coffee Breakers (Wed)
McCallister, Sandra8072-1626610151Friends On Friday (Fri) Spring
Miller, Tracey L4889-584510169Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Molter, Doris J8072-1542310184University Seniors (Mon)
Moreland, Connie8072-1634510165Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Normandin, Steve T8072-1646110144Friday Fellowship (Fri)
Gates, Scott T8072-1646210066Weekend Warriors (Sat)
Scruggs, Melissa N19-6617510024Practice (Tues) Spring
Pickett, Justin D8072-165409924Midweek Mixed (Wed) Summer
Rumping, Peggy J8072-1639199105That's How We Roll (Tues)
Myers, Bud8072-163629824Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Herrera, Kristine8072-163839766Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Kindhart, Shirley A4891-679745Wacky Wednesdays (Wed)
Meilinger, Laura J8072-160229766Coffee Breakers (Wed)
Smith, Joshua B8072-164189728Rising Stars (Thu)
Starzynski, Lori A8072-123449730Saturday Madness (Sat)
O'Neill, Cindy8072-165159521Rising Stars (Thu)
McDonald, Jennifer D3959-392249325JB Trios (Tue)
Myers, Chris8072-163669324Saturday Nite Mixers (Sat)
Kotzur, Linda B8072-154279248Last Minute Mondays (Mon)
Shields, Jessica S8072-164079190JB Trios (Tue)
Harrison, Jack P2245-42449075Tuesday Seniors (Tues)
Branch, Ernest E8072-159008684University Seniors (Mon)
Mashaw, Rhonda F8072-163428627Saturday Madness (Sat)
Peabody, Janita8072-157758569Beer Drinkers (Thu)
Strong, Jodi G8072-163868442The Colony Mixed (Thurs)
Webb, Amanda J8072-163598263Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Falcon, Ryan R2245-56888124Saturday Madness (Sat)
Cornejo, Rosa8072-163277042Midweek Mixed (Wed)
Joy, Laura8072-164656751Wednesday Follies (Wed)
Tucker, Carolyn L8072-158855745VIP Seniors (Mon)
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