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Denton County USBC Association, Inc.
Hall of Fame
Superior Performance (Year Inducted)

Ken Johnson, 2020

Tam Wasson, 2020

Ronnie Willets, 2020

Steve McBride, 2021

Lee McDonald Sr, 2022

Meritorious Service (Year Inducted)

Edna Bennett, 2020

Ellen White, 2020

Ruth Tobin, 2021

Sabina DeBord, 2022

Denton County HOF Members Before Merger

L. C. Chandler (deceased)
 Roy Gray, Jr (deceased)
 Milton Hill 1986 (deceased)
Paul Ishee
 Johnny James (deceased)
 Don Johnson
Ezrum Massey (deceased)
 William (Bill) Mecay (deceased)
 Gene Monson
Wyn Mujrrell (deceased)
 Richard (Dick) Ness
 Leon Patty (deceased)
J. N. Pruett (deceased)
 Norman (Ted) Johnson 1999
 Ed Ordesch 1999
Butch Calvert 2001
 Pat Carrico 2002
 Buddy Stafford 2003

Lifetime Members

Norman (Ted) Johnson

David Patrick

Buddy Stafford

Honorary Life Member

Royce DeBord 2002 (deceased)

Hall of Fame Requirement Guidelines

Hall of Fame Meritorious Service Application

Hall of Fame Superior Performance Application